Thought of the Day November 14, 2017 Gratitude for creation.

By 9:40 AM

There is much for us to be grateful to God:

a) For the gift of the Father and all of creation: that which we see and that which we do not see. Thomas Merton once wrote: "If we are grateful to God, we cannot but taste the joy of finding Him in his creation. To be ungrateful is to admit that we do not know Him, and that we love his creatures not for his sake but for our own."  How often do we take time to allow creation to reveal God to us?

" It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praise to your name, Most High. To proclaim your kindness at dawn and your faithfulness throughout the night, with ten-stringed instrument and lyre, with melody upon the harp. For you make me glad, O Lord, by your deeds; at the works of your hands I rejoice. How great are your works, O Lord! How very deep are your thoughts!" Ps 92: 1-6 How often do we express gratitude and praise to Good for his gift of creation?

There is a poetic passage in St. Augustine's Confessions wherein the great thinker and searcher challenges the creatures around him--the hills, the sky, the air, the deeps and all that is in them--to tell him about God. What is he? where is he to be found? In your power and immensity? In your space or your nothingness, in your harmony and beauty, in your being? Finally he asks the sun, the moor, and the stars, and they answer, "We are not the God you seek." The saint concludes the dialogue: "And I replied to all these things which stand above the door of my flesh, 'you have told me concerning my God that you are not he: tell me something about him.' And with a loud voice they exclaimed, 'He made us!'"  Yes, he made you and me. Let's not take that for granted. Rather, each day let us give thanks for this marvelous gift which is myself.

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