Thought of the Day November 9. 2017 Desire for position

By 10:18 AM

The desire for position is one of the areas in which the self, following the model of the world, becomes entrapped. Jockeying for positions of recognition and importance in the eyes of others as a reflection of one's self worth and identity leads to selling oneself on the slave market of the world. The disciples struggled with the question of who was the most important among them. Again and again Jesus would find them arguing over their own importance or striving to gain a position of importance in the worldly kingdom they thought Jesus came to establish. James and John had their mother intercede on their behalf. Jesus' response was the same. His response was clear and to the point: "Anyone among you who aspires to greatness must serve the rest, and whoever wants to rank first among you must serve the needs of all. Such is the case of the Son of Man who has come, not to be served by others, but to serve, to give his own life as a ransom for the many" (Mt 20:26-28). When the self takes on the role of a servant on the cross for the sake of others, there is no room for rank or position.

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