Thought of the Day November 24, 2017 Gratitude

By 10:10 AM

Yes, we are called to express our gratitude directly through prayer, through sacrifice and worship; through praise and exultation. George Hebert once pinned these words: "Thou that hast given so much to me, Give one thing more--a grateful heart; Not thankful when it pleaseth me, As if thy blessings had spare days; But such a heart, whose pulse may be Thy praise."

We are called to express our gratitude indirectly through the way we live and how we treat others and by being witnesses reflecting the goodness of God to others. Dietrick Bonhoeffer once said: "Only he who gives thanks for little things receives the big things."

There is a legend about two angels who were sent to earth to gather up the prayers of men and women. One was to fill his basket with the petitions of humanity. The other was to gather their prayers of thanksgiving. Some time later they went back to their Father's house. One had a basket heaped high and running over with the innumerable petitions of men and women. The other returned with a sad and heavy heart, for his basket was almost empty.

As we gather together as a men and women of religious faith and understanding, may we make our own the prayer of a holy woman of God, Catherine of Siena: "O tender Father, you gave me more, much more than I ever thought to ask for. I realize that our human desires can never really match what you long to give us. Thanks, and again thanks, O Father, for having granted my petitions, and that which I never realized I needed or petitioned."

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