Thought of the Day January 22, 2018 Unforgiven sin

By 9:18 AM

Lord, there is no sin you can't or won't forgive. On the cross you died for all sin. Even the sin against the Holy Spirit can be forgiven. Your mercy has no end. The problem does not reside in you, but in us. Though you saved all, all will not be saved. What is needed on our part is sincere repentance and a conversion away from sin. Repentance opens us to your mercy and forgiveness. Unrepentance keeps us locked in our sin of alienation from you. The reason the sin against the Holy Spirit is serious is that the person denies your ability to forgive him. In a sense, your very identity as The Other is denied and the person puts himself greater than you. That is blasphemy. How arrogant is that, for the heart to so hardened against you.

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