Thought of the Day January 8, 2018 Gifts of the Spirit

By 10:45 AM

The Baptism of the Lord Jesus is an important moment in the life of the humanity of Jesus. The Lord is our pattern and model to imitate.  At the moment of his conception, Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit in his humanity. At the moment of our baptism, we are filled with the Holy Spirit, becoming Temples of the Spirit, as Paul reminds us.  We received the gifts of the Spirit, especially for our sanctification. At the time of his baptism in the Jordan, Jesus receives a fresh outpouring of the Spirit, as the Scriptures tell us "a dove came down upon him." This fresh outpouring was to anoint him for the ministry ahead. As the Scriptures tell us, he was led by the Spirit with signs and wonders as his credentials. When we were confirmed we too received a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We were anointed with the oil of Chrism, symbolic of the gifts we have received for the ministry of witness that God has commissioned us to do in his name.  Jesus went about in the power of the Spirit proclaiming the Good News of God's  love, healing the sick and driving out demons. What we are doing with the same gifts we have received?

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