Thought of the Day January 2, 2018 Remain in me.

By 11:30 AM

Mystery: we are called, invited and graced to remain in and with God! Jesus, the Word of God has revealed this mystery to us. We began experiencing the reality of this mystery in baptism. This invisible but real, indwelling divine presence became known by faith. We further experience this grace of intimacy when we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus, again in faith, in Eucharistic Communion. Each time we receive any of the other Sacraments, this mystery is restored or renewed. Like Mary, we are to treasure this grace, to ponder this mystery and to respond. How do we respond? First, by acknowledging this mystery; second, by being grateful; third, by choosing to remain free from sin, the taint and destruction of intimacy! “Remain in me and I in you….For without me, you can do nothing.”

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