Thought of the Day January 29, 2018 Joy and grief

By 11:33 AM

Even though Jesus was a man of inner joy because of his
relationship with the Father and the Spirit, he experienced
moments of sadness, difficulties and sufferings. He wept over
the death of Lazarus and over the obstinacy of the religious
leadership of Jerusalem. He was saddened over the lack of
faith of the people of Nazareth and the lack of understanding
and acceptance of the disciples over his impending suffering
and death. Still his inner joy remained rooted in the truth of
Being loved. Pope may have had Jesus in mind when he
wrote: " l realize of course that joy is not expressed the same
way at all times in life, especially at moments of great
difficulty. Joy adapts and changes, but it always endures,
even as a flicker of light born of our personal certainty that,
when everything is said and done, we are infinitely loved. I
understand the grief of people who have to endure great
suffering, yet slowly but surely we all have to let the joy of
faith slowly revive as a quiet yet firm trust, even amid the
greatest distress.” – Evangelii Gaudium,

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