Thought of the Day January 2, 2019 Grace builds on nature

By 10:38 AM

There is a theological principle which says that grace builds on nature. By nature we will always struggle with sin because of the inherited roots of concupiscence which remain within us even after baptism. Only through grace can we overcome what Paul calls the law of sin within our body.  But we must cooperate with the grace given to us by God if we are to grow in the new life of holiness. But if we allow the law of sin within us to be our focus and not the grace of God, then sin will dominate us and we will never mature in holiness.

This same principle--grace builds on nature-- applies to our ability to love and be loved. It is our nature as human beings to love and to be loved. However, if we do not know what love is because we never really perceived experiencing it in life, then no matter how much God's love is expressed,  we cannot receive it nor give it. Both are foreign to us.  But if we could break through these life-experiential blocks and receive this gratuitous, unconditional gift  then our life would be radically different. (To be continued)

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