Thought of the Day January 25, 2019 Reflecting on our blessings brings joy

By 3:05 PM

Remembering the blessings of God which we have received over our lifetime, should raise a joyful response to God for his love and mercy. Mary’s Magnificat is such a prayer of joy. So is the prayer that Zachariah uttered at the time of John’s circumcision. The prayer of Simeon after seeing the Messiah was a prayer of joy. Even the prayer of Jesus to the Father at the end of the Last Supper was a response of joy for all the Father had don and will do in glorifying the Son. Knowing that he was going back to the Father and that the disciples would be initially sad, he prayed: But now I am coming to you. I speak this in the world so that they may share my joy completely.

As I remember the many blessings of God, gratitude and joy should well up in my heart. Take for instance the grace of my baptism. Even though I may not have been conscious of this Kairos moment in my life my parents and godparents were joyful for me in becoming an adopted child of God. The Church was joyful in the presence and ministry of the priest. The Father was joyful to welcome and call me a beloved son. Jesus rejoiced that his death and resurrection continued to transform creatures in alienation. With joy, the Spirit entered into me. I became a Temple of the Holy Spirit, sharing the divine life of God.  My conscious joy occurs later in my life. Having been told of this transforming grace and by grace coming to my own convicting awareness of God's love, I rejoiced with gratitude in God's mercy and gift of regeneration.

How often do we reflect on our many blessings with joy?

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