Thought of the Day January 28, 2019 Let the joy of Jesus radiate from me

By 10:41 AM

Like Jesus, we are called to be faithful to our identity as a child of God, to what God has and is doing in our lives and to the mission he has given us to accomplish, whether others accept or reject us. For our joy is in pleasing the Lord primarily and not in pleasing others.

Pope Francis has been very prolific about the need for joy in the life of the Christian. Let me share with you some of his thoughts. 

“A Christian is a man, or a woman, of joy: a man and a woman with joy in their heart. There is no Christian without joy! You may be told that there are many such Christians," the pope warned, but “they are not Christians! They say they are, but they are not! They are missing something.”

“The Christian identity card is joy, the Gospel’s joy, the joy of
having been chosen by Jesus, saved by Jesus, regenerated
by Jesus; the joy of that hope that Jesus is waiting for us, the
joy that - even with the crosses and sufferings we bear in this
life - is expressed in another way, which is peace in the
certainty that Jesus accompanies us, is with us."

Am I a true witness of Jesus if I do not allow the joy of the Lord to radiate 
from within me? (To be continued)

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