Thought of the Day January 31, 2019 Rejoice in the Lord always

By 10:10 AM

Permit me to close with this story which sums up why we should plunge
into the joy of the Lord or as St. Paul urges: “Rejoice in the Lord

A Cloistered Carmelite Sister solved the problem of life in
 this way. Her name was Sister Catherine. She was preparing the midday
meal for the sisters in her convent in Spain. She finished early. Nothing
to do! So while waiting for the bell to announce the time of prayer, she
took up four pots, put them on her head, and started a balancing skit in
the small kitchen! She had hardly reached the door, when in came
Mother Teresa of Jesus. Obviously, Mother Teresa could not help
laughing seeing Sister Catherine doing this performance in the kitchen!
"Gosh, Sister, what in the world are you doing?!" And then she
remarked, "You are so lively! Even to heaven, you will be laughing...." To
which Sister Catherine immediately answered ... "Why, Mother, is there
any other way of going to heaven?!"

Would that each of us would have this attitude throughout our lives. Then
when we die, we will laugh our way into heaven as we see the smiling face of

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