Thought of the Day February 19, 2019 Jesus on mercy

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What does Jesus teach us about mercy?
Jesus= best teaching on the mercy of the Father is reflected in the lives of three fictional but relatable individuals in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. While the characters are totally human, the message expressed in the actions of the forgiving father are a reflective glimpse of the infinite mercy of God.  In the father of the parable, love overcomes separation, rejection and all denial of the younger son=s true identity; mercy overshadows human justice and unrighteous anger demanded by the older son. In all Athe faithful to his fatherhood, faithful to his love for his son."  

In the prodigal son, folly squandered material goods and  unworthiness and guilt replace self-importance and past dreams; the reality of sin revealed his humiliation, seen in his resigned willingness  to embrace the life of a hired servant.  In the older brother, resentment blinded judgement; anger denied relationship to the father and to the brother; rejection of his father=s decision alienated him from the family=s joyful celebration. While the father saw the son=s return in terms of resurrection and new life, the older brother would have preferred him to remain dead and forgotten. He wanted strict, unrelenting justice, swift and final.

Mercy is one of expressions of love. Justice is that which is due a person either by right or because the person earned it. Mercy is that which goes beyond justice. No one has a right to Mercy nor is it an earned reward.  Mercy is a pure gift; lavishly poured out because of another=s bounteous love.

How have you experienced the mercy of God? (To be continued)

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