Thought of the Day February 7, 2019 Baptism is the river of grace

By 10:17 AM

Story of the three men seeking the mystery of life. One goes as far as the entrance of the cave; the second goes into the cave while frequently looking back at the entrance. When he barely can see the entrance, he says he has seen enough. The third continues in the darkness, groping, cursing, with growing anxiety, fearing of being lost and dying in the cave. Finally, he sees a faint opening ahead. He stumbles ahead until he comes to the entrance on the other side of the mountain. There he sees a beautiful world of life. He would not have completed the journey unless he trusted and was willing to plunge even into the darkness to reach the life ahead.

Here is what Pope Benedict XVI has preached about Ezekiel’svision of the river. “The prophet Ezekiel saw a vision of the new Temple from which a spring issues forth that becomes a great life-giving river (cf. Ez 47,1-12). In a land which constantly suffered from drought and water shortage, this was a great vision of hope. Nascent Christianity understood: in Christ, this vision was fulfilled. He is the true, living Temple of God. He is the spring of living water. From him, the great river pours forth, which in Baptism renews the world and makes it fruitful; the great river of living water, his Gospel which makes the earth fertile. Jesus, however, prophesied something still greater. He said: “Whoever believes in me … out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water” (Jn 7,38). In Baptism, the Lord makes us not only persons of light, but also sources from which living water bursts forth.”

Our baptism is not a past event but a living reality of grace in the present moment enabling us to grow in our life with God. (To be continued)

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