Thought of the Day February 28, 2019 Man refuses the grace of God

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My grace is sufficient (continued)
Maybe an analogy would help. While the hot air balloon wants to rise to the heights of the sky, the ballasts,  attached to the gondola, weigh it down, holding it close to the ground. Paul attests that the human spirit wants to commune with God while the weaknesses of the flesh and mind keep it entrapped. We seek a life of perfection,  but the difficulties, adversities and trials of life --the bumps in a sense--are always part of the journey. We get a glimpse of life with God, knowing with St. Augustine “My heart is restless until it rests in you, my God”, while at the same time, we are aware of the struggles which tend to distract and divert us.

This mixed reality is evidenced from the beginning of the Scriptures and throughout until the end. God created man and woman in his own image and likeness and set them over all of creation as they shared his very life through gift. That was the spiritual high. But then came the low. The evil one came to separate them from God. He began by isolating Eve from Adam; then Eve and Adam from God. The temptation was simple and direct: “You can be like God, knowing good and evil.” “Instead of depending upon God and seeking his will in all things, listen to the doubt I am stirring in your heart,” the Evil One suggests.  And God says: “My grace is sufficient.” It fell on hardened hearts, so sin entered into the world and with it death.

Yahweh delivered his people from the bondage of slavery in Egypt through mighty signs and wonders. He brought them into the desert to forge a covenant with them at the foot of Mt Horeb. God revealed his presence through signs and wonders. He called Moses to come up to the mountain to receive the Commandments. This was a spiritual grace moment for Israel. Then came the diversion. The people wanted a god they could see and control. So they fashioned a golden calf which they worshiped with sinful revelry. “My grace is sufficient” could not be heard because of their abominable and idolatrous deeds.

God anointed David, empowered him, gave him the kingly place of honor and authority, defeated all his enemies and yet David lusted after Bathsheba and conceived a child through her, had Uriah, her husband, killed, then took her for his wife. In the moment of temptation David didn’t want to hear “My grace is sufficient”, so he sinned. (To be continued)

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