Thought of the Day February 6, 2019 Plunge into the water with abandon

By 10:40 AM

The central image of our reading from Ezekiel 47 is water. Water flows out from the Temple and brings abundant life with it.
 Ezekiel’s river runs through the Arabah, the desert running from the Sea of Galilee down the west bank of the Jordan to the Dead Sea. Not only does the river turn this desert alive with fruit trees which bear new fruit on a monthly basis, but it turns the deadest place on earth, the Dead Sea, into a virtual Garden of Eden with fresh water and an abundance of fish. Ezekiel even pictures fisherman flocking to the formerly-Dead Sea to haul in a catch (47:10).
The river in Ezekiel’s vision flowed from the Temple. The Temple is the dwelling place of God in the Holy of Holies. The water of the river carries the gift of life to the trees and plants along its bank. But there is another symbol involved.  Ezekiel was told to first step into the water, then wade into it and finally plunge into it to get the full benefit of the power and gift of the water which can carry us in the journey of life.

Too many of us are satisfied only to step into the water, not willing to go deeper for a variety of reasons. One being fear of giving up control. Others are willing to wade further into the waters of the river as long as we can feel the security of the bottom of the river bed. We are still in control. But to wade out above our heads and to allow the current to carry us seems scary. Where will it take me? Until we plunge into the water in an abandoned way we will never experience the freedom of totally trusting in the Lord. (To be continued)

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