Thought of the Day February 4, 2019 We fall short of the glory of God

By 10:24 AM

Because most of us were infants when we were baptized, we were plunged into the waters of life because of the faith of our parents and the believing community. Something radically happened to us by God’s grace. Before Baptism, we were living as the highest form of life on earth as a creature of God. If we would die in this state of life we would live in a state of alienation from God in an eternity of nothingness. But because of Baptism, we became a son or daughter of God, sharing in his divine life, with the prospect of living with God in glory. We were filled with the Holy Spirit. We were incorporated into the family of God, the Church. Through regeneration in the waters of Baptism a new creature existed.

There was no external difference to be observed in us before baptism and after baptism. But there was a radical, internal, relational difference unseen by the human eyes yet known by the eyes of faith. Truly a miraculous mystery of the grace flowing from the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Having been plunged into the death and resurrection of Jesus, we began a new journey of salvation which will be completed if we are still living this new life of Christ at the time of our physical death.

But all of us have fallen short of the glory of God for we have sinned. Our white garment has been stained many times. We have chosen other paths than that leading to God. As a result, we are called, not once but frequently, to plunge into the river of grace, the river of God’s life, the river of God’s mercy.
(To be continued)

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