Thought of the Day September 25, 2019 Pure heart seeks holiness

By 10:02 AM

St. Augustine explains that “the eyes by which God is seen are within the heart.” As if he is speaking to our age he admonishes, “how foolish then are those who try to find God through the use of their bodily eyes!” We must walk by faith not by sight. The purification of our hearts is the true end of our love which will allow us to see God clearly. The brightness of the true light will not be able to be seen by the unclean sight: and that which is joy to minds that are clean, will be a punishment to those that are tarnished. St. Augustine explains“A simple heart is a heart that is pure; and, just as the light which surrounds us cannot be seen except through eyes that are clear, so neither is God seen unless that through which He can be seen is pure.”

Another way of looking at this question of being pure of heart or single-minded is through the lens of holiness.  “Strive for . . . the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14

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