Thought of the Day September 6, 2019 The heart

By 10:03 AM

In the Beatitude "Blessed are the pure of heart" what does the heart signify? Pope Francis reflected on this. He said:
“Let us now try to understand more fully how this blessedness comes about through purity of heart. First of all, we need to appreciate the biblical meaning of the word heart. In Hebrew thought, the heart is the center of the emotions, thoughts and intentions of the human person. Since the Bible teaches us that God does not look to appearances, but to the heart (cf. 1 Sam16:7), we can also say that it is from the heart that we see God. This is because the heart is really the human being in his or her totality as a unity of body and soul, in his or her ability to love and to be loved.”

Is your heart focused on love so that you can more easily see God? What in your heart is out of order, namely sin, which then distorts our understanding and vision of God? Remember the words of Jesus, "Where your heart is, there is your treasure." Is our heart centered in Christ or other things?

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