Thought of the Day September 3, 2019 Conclusion on mourning for sin

By 8:57 AM

Whatever our response to mourning, the point of the beatitude is that a blessing remains on those who mourn because the blessing is due to the love of Christ, not the goodness of man. For God’s tenderness is vastly greater than we can understand or imagine. The tears that Christ shed on the cross put out the fires of hell for us, if we receive them. The suffering that we have to endure in Christ is not “vengeance” but a sharing in his own suffering. And even when chastisement comes to us for our real sins, it is ordered, always and forever, toward our final bliss and blessing, not toward our destruction.

Blessed are those who mourn," we hear Jesus tell us, "for they will be comforted" (Mt 5:4). They will be comforted by the One who creates us and loves us and knows us. They will be comforted by the One who gives life. They are comforted by the One who offers us eternal life, the promise of a place where death has lost its sting, where every tear has been wiped away, and where there is only life, love, beauty and joy and truth.

Do we recognize sin in our life?
Have I been able to say: “I am sorry” and really mean it?
How do we grieve over our sin, and how does the process of doing so draw us closer to God?
Do we grieve over the sin around us?
Does it sadden us to see people blatantly disobey God?
What injustice, sin, or evil in this world causes you to mourn?
 Do I console and help those who mourn and suffer?

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