Thought of the Day September 26, 2019 Examen: Am I pure of heart?

By 9:25 AM

Listen to Pope Francis: “I would like to insist, primarily on the call to holiness that the Lord addresses to each of us, the call that he also addresses, personally, to you: ‘Be holy, for I am holy.’” Addressing any possible anxiety we might have before such a vocation to sanctity, he counsels, “Do not be afraid of holiness. It will take away none of your energy, vitality or joy. On the contrary, you will become what the Father had in mind when he created you, and you will be faithful to your deepest self.”

Am I a hypocrite?
Am I more concerned with how other people see me than with how God sees me?
Is my heart divided or single-minded?
Is Jesus at the center of my life as Lord of Lords or one among many desires?
Have I allowed a particular sin or vice to distract me from God?
Am I a person of integrity and sincerity?
Am I honest about my own faults and failings?
Do I do what is truly right or do I compromise because it’s easier?
Do I look for instant gratification?
Do I keep myself pure in mind, body, and soul?
Do I let popular opinions, fads, and people control how I act, or do I know who I am and what I do?

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