Thought of the Day October 10, 2019 Goodly vs Godly

By 10:09 AM

Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Saint Ignatius of Loyola, one day said to Fr. Lainz: “Suppose God let you choose, either to go to heaven now or to stay on earth with the chance of doing something for His glory, which would you choose?” “I would make certain of heaven now,” replied Fr. Lainz. “Well,” said the saint, “For my part, I would remain on earth, to do the will of God. As for saving of my soul, I am sure God would take care of it. I don’t believe he would let anyone perish who, for love of Him, had delayed entering heaven.”

What is the difference between the two responses? To desire heaven is a good thing. But to do the will of God in the present moment is a far greater thing. Do we choose to do things because they are good or because they are godly? The godly thing is that which is the will of God for me now. 

St. Paul had the same struggle in  his journey. He longed to be with God for that was a good thing for him. But he realized that God wanted him to remain to continue to preach the word of truth to the nations. That was the better thing, the godly thing for him. Don't settle for the good but embrace the godly.

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