Thought of the Day October 7, 2019 Not my will, but yours be done.

By 9:33 AM

In spite of his good works in the name of the Father, Jesus was rejected by his relatives and towns people, by the religious leaders, who called him a follower or the Devil, by some of his disciples, because his teachings were hard to accept. This must hurt him humanly. He even wept over Jerusalem for their rejection and the consequences to come for them. 

What sustained him? It was his relationship with the Father in prayer that reassured him of the Father’s love and affirmation for him. 
How do we respond when people reject us, when hard circumstances come our way? We must do what Jesus did — repair to prayer. Our prayer should be more to be in the will of God than for anything else. In this conversation with the Lord, our lives are refocused. We learn that His approval is more important. Like Jesus we seek to do the will of the Father, even if others do not understand or approve. "Father, not my will but yours be done."

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