Thought of the Day October 28, 2019 Love in freedom

By 10:25 AM

"Although love involves freedom, not all freedom involves love. I cannot love unless I'm free, but, because I'm free, still I may not love as I please....True love wants to be free from something to be free for something... To be devoid of love is the essence of hell." (Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen)

Love is a gift and a response. God freely gifts us with his love first and we are free to respond or not. "Forced" love is obligation, not love. God never forces us to love but invites into the circle of love through love. The same is true between us and another human being. To truly love another, I must free that person to respond or not to respond. My love cannot have any strings attached or any expectation. 

Sometimes love is given only to be received. It is like a person throwing a boomerang, only to have it returned to him. That is opposite of one shooting a bow and arrow at at target. The joy of the former is to have the boomerang returned to him, a sign of self-love. The joy of latter is to hit the target, a sign of other love. 

Why do we choose to love another? Out of freedom? For self? Solely for other?

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