Thought of the Day October 3, 2019 The righteousness of Jesus

By 3:22 PM

In spite of his good works in the name of the Father, he was rejected by his relatives and towns people, by the religious leaders who called him a follower or the Devil, by those whom he was discipling because his teachings were hard to accept. This must to hurt humanly, but his prayer with the Father reassured him of the Father’s love and affirmation for him.

How do we respond when people reject us, when hard circumstances come our way? We must do what Jesus did — repair to prayer. In conversation with the Lord, our lives are refocused. We learn that His approval is more important.

Wondering if the apostles were beginning to comprehend his true identity beyond the obvious, after prayer Jesus asked them “Who do you say I am?” Even though Peter answers properly, Jesus knew that he and the others did not accept the reality of the cross in his identity. So to strengthen himself and them, he took Peter, James and John up the mountain where, while in prayer, Jesus was transfigured. This was another confirmation of the Father’s will both for him and for the Apostles, as they heard the Father’s voice say: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” (Matthew 17:5)

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