Thought of the Day October 22, 2019 Trust

By 11:21 AM

A story is told about a young boy who was trapped at the roof of their burning house. The smoke was so thick that he cannot see anything around him. He was crying, calling his father for help. Suddenly he heard his father’s voice asking him to jump. But the boy replied: “No dad, I can’t see you!” The father said: “Jump, I can see you my son. Jump, I’ll catch you.” “Dad, I’m afraid,” said the poor boy. “Don’t be afraid my son, trust me and you’ll be fine,” replied the father. Finally the son jumped, landed in his father’s arms and was saved.

How often we are little that young person. We find ourselves in difficult straits and we cry for help. God hears our cry and tells us to trust him and his plan for us.  We hesitate because we can't see or feel God. We don't know what his plan for us will entail. What if he abandons us, after we trust him?  Trust is a scary thing when the  only assurance we have is the Word of God. But if we do not trust him, what is our alternative? Death or life? Death to depend upon our own; life is we depend upon him.  So, take the leap of faith and trust into the embracing arms of the Father who loves us more than anyone else has or will, including ourselves.

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