Thought of the Day December 11, 2019 God's promises

By 9:48 AM

"The time for promises was in the time of the prophets, until John the Baptist; from John  until the end is the time of fulfillment....He promised eternal salvation, everlasting happiness with the angles, an immortal inheritance, endless glory, the joyful vision of his face, his holy dwelling in heaven, and after resurrection from the dead no further fear of dying. This is as it were his final promise, the goal of all our striving. When we reach it, we shall ask for nothing more. But as to the way in which we are to arrive at our final goal, he has revealed this also, by promise and prophecy. He has promised men divinity, mortals  immortality, sinners justification, the poor a rising in glory." (St. Augustine)

I hope this excites you as it excites me. How great and how good is our God to us who are undeserving! Our response, as insignificant as it seems, is gratitude and living in a way that reflects our gratitude.

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