Thought of the Day December 3, 2019 He comes in the present moment

By 9:36 AM

"In the first coming, the Word was seen on earth and mingled with mankind, when, as He Himself affirmed, they saw Him and hated Him. In the last coming every person shall see the salvation of God, and they shall look on him whom they pierced. But the intermediate coming is occult, in it only the elect see Him within themselves, and their souls are thereby saved." (St. Bernard, De medio adventu et triplici innovatione)

We are in that intermediate coming which is hidden. He comes in his word, in the Sacraments, in one another. He comes in ways we least expect. As a result, we miss many of these comings of Jesus in the present moments of our lives. But in truth if we do not recognize and welcome Jesus in the present moment, how will we be able to be ready in his final coming? Ask for the grace to see him in the various ways he comes now into our lives; receive him in those moments with the hope of being ready at the final coming to be welcomed by him. 

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