Thought of the Day December 13, 2019 God's life in us

By 11:14 AM

St. Bernard of Clairvaux talks about three comings of Christ. In the first coming, the Word of God became man and dwelt among us. He came to redeem and reconcile us to God.  The Virgin Mary's role was central. In and through her humanity God chose to enter into our world. Mary conceived Jesus by the grace of the Holy Spirit but became the dwelling place for Jesus for nine months by nature. During Advent we are called to become conscious of Jesus' dwelling within us by grace, not just for nine months but forever. Not only to be conscious of his presence but we are to respond to that presence with attentiveness and love. By nature I live a human life. By grace I live in relationship with God, sharing his divine life. While I may take the first for granted. The second is a unique gift from God that I need to respond to by cherishing it in love.

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