Thought of the Day December 16, 2019 Mary's "fiat"

By 9:40 AM

"The Virgin Mary perfectly incarnates the spirit of Advent; this spirit is one of listening to God, of profound desire to do his will, of joyous service to our neighbor. Letting ourselves be guided by her, so that the God who comes does not find us closed and distracted, but can, in each one of us, extend a part of his kingdom of love, of justice and of peace." (Pope Benedict XVI)

Mary prepared for the birth of her Son by living in the moment doing the will of the Father. Her "fiat" was a living, daily response in all she did. She trusted in the Lord. When told about Elizabeth's pregnancy, she went with haste to serve her cousin in her need. Returning to Nazareth, obviously with child, she trusted God would make clear to Joseph and her parents what He had brought forth. Knowing the prophesy that the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem, she traveled with Joseph at the end of her term to fulfill the plan of God. Reflect on Mary's "fiat" and imitate her "fiat" as you prepare for the celebration of Jesus' birth.

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