Thought of the Day December 12, 2019 Come, Lord Jesus.

By 10:11 AM

"Preparing ourselves to receive Christ requires first and foremost an attitude of intense and trusting prayer. Making room for him in our hearts demands a serious commitment to convert to his love." (St. John Paul II)

How much do we long for a greater relationship with Jesus? How central is Jesus in our life? How much quality time do we spend with Jesus so that we can come to know him better? A relationship is built on an intentional commitment to the other and an opening of ourselves to the other by sharing our life more intimately. 

Jesus has a gift to give us this Christmas. The gift is himself in a deeper relationship. But as great as that gift is, we can only receive as much as we are opened and prepared to receive. Spend time with Jesus. Long for him. Say "Yes" to him. 

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