Thought of the Day February 17, 2020 Metanoia

By 10:19 AM

In little over a week we will begin our annual Lenten pilgrimage of preparing to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Look over the past Lents. Were we any different for a period of time after Easter that on Ash Wednesday? That's the purpose of each Lent: metanoia which means change. 

When Jesus preached repentance and the invitation to believe in the Good New of salvation, he was calling for a more permanent change in life. It was not just for forty days and then "business as usual". 

One of the formulas I like using on Ash Wednesday is "Will you turn away from sin and believe in the Gospel." This turning away from sin is a call to focus on an area of our life which Jesus is calling us to uproot so that his love and life may make a difference. What is that area in your life? This is the time to ask Jesus to reveal to you his desire for you this Lent. What does he want you to work on?

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