Thought of the Day February 4, 2020 Faith in Jesus

By 10:05 AM

"Is our faith unconditional or conditional, total or partial? Is our faith based on conditions. Are we like Christians who say 'I am Christian but on the condition that things are done this way'''. (Pope Francis) Am I a smorgasbord, cafeteria Christian, picking and choosing what I will believe and passing over what I do not accept? Is my faith in God or in myself?

Jesus in the scriptures demanded a faith reflective of total commitment to him, even when what he said was not understood and hard to accept humanly. Take for instance Jesus' teaching on the gift of his Body and Blood. Many of his disciples could not and would not accept this teaching of Jesus. They walked away because their faith was not in him but in what they could accept, what was comfortable for them. 

Faith is a commitment to a person, because of who he is. I believe in what Jesus says because Jesus said it. This was the response of the Apostles to the same teaching on the Eucharist. "To whom shall we go, you have the words of everlasting life. We believe that you are the Holy One of God." They didn't understand either. But understanding wasn't the issue. Jesus was.

In other words, faith needs to be unconditional and total, centered in the person of Jesus our Lord and God.

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