Thought of the Day February 26, 2020 Lenten references

By 10:49 AM

As we begin another Lenten journey to the celebration of Lord's paschal mysteries, Jesus gives us in today's Gospel our three main points of reference: Prayer, Almsgiving and Fasting. 

Prayer is not just saying our daily prayers but more intentionally spending time in the presence of God for his sake. The focus of  our prayer is not so much for us to speak to God but to be still so that, if God wishes to speak to us, we can hear.

Almsgiving is not just a monetary sign but a focus on the corporal works  of mercy: feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, etc. It is being attentive to those in need, not only financially but materially and spiritually.

Fasting is more than from food. What good is it to fast from food and drink and still live in sin. The fasting that pleases the Lord is fasting from sin. It begins with repentance for our sin and then, with God's grace, refraining from sin. It is the call to uproot the core of sin in our life. 

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