Thought of the Day February 6, 2020 Idols in our lives

By 10:25 AM

"When you insist on doing things  your own way in the face of the Lord's will, you are an idolater, because you prefer what you think, that idol, to the will of the Lord."(Pope Francis) 

Those are strong words! But they are true. It was the will of God that Israel would not have strange gods to worship, but they fashioned a golden calf to represent their god. We do not want to think that we have idols in our lives, but many of us do. If God is not first in our life; if his will is not what I desire the most to follow no matter the cost, then what I choose in place of God is an idol.  My will at the moment is more important than the will of God.

The different idols that we have in our lives, are whatever leads us into sin, choosing them rather than God. If we thought of sin in this way, it may help us to choose differently. But because we don't see this thing we want the most at the moment as an idol but as a good for me now, I choose it rather than the will of God for me. In that act I have substituted something for someone, God.

What are your idols? Where do you prefer your will to the will of God?

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