Thought of the Day February 21, 2020 Be still and listen

By 11:06 AM

“Lent is the most important time of the year to nurture our inner life. It is the time during which we not only prepare ourselves to celebrate the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus, but also the death and resurrection that constantly takes place within us. Life is a continuing process of the death of the old and the familiar, and being reborn again into a new hope, a new trust, and a new love. The death and resurrection of Jesus therefore is not just an historical event that took place a long time ago, but an inner event that takes place in our heart when we are willing to be attentive to it. Lent offers a beautiful opportunity to discover the mystery of Christ within us.” (Henri Nouwen)

To do this we need a time of quiet, so that we can allow Jesus to lead us through this grace time. It is in that period of quiet that we allow ourselves the space and time for Christ’s still voice to reach us. His voice will offer an invitation to embrace his merciful forgiveness and to allow his love and life to transform us. Take time during Lent to be still and wait upon the Lord.

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