Thought of the Day September 10, 2020 Love: gift not earned

By 10:15 AM

One reason many people struggle with receiving love is due to a lie implanted in their brain when they were young. That lie is that one must earn love. How many people go through life thinking this way! How many never fully experience true love because they never seem to do enough to earn it!


 No one told them love was a gift freely given, not a prize to earn and attain. Because of this rooted misconception they feel like a failure in life. It is like the carrot on a stick in front of the donkey. As hard as the donkey tries, it never reaches the carrot. Real love seems as elusive to this person.


Receiving love seems too easy to them. There must be a gimmick. Yet, God freely loves us asking nothing in return. For God knows that once we allow love to make a difference in our life, we will want to respond to love with love. The only cost to true, received love is to give love. Love must be like a flowing river not a stagnant pool. 

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