Thought of the Day September 2, 2020 Mystery of God: Incarnation

By 10:15 AM

In becoming Man, the Son of God, the Word, reveals the mystery of God’s love, plan and power. Just as the mystery of the Trinity (three divine persons in the One God) is difficult to grasp with our limited, rational mind, so the hypostatic union of two distinct natures in the one person, Jesus, the Christ, is accepted only in faith. Along with this mystery is another one. Mary conceived Jesus, not through natural human relationship, but through the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. “For nothing is impossible for God.”


As fully God and fully Man, there was nothing lacking in either nature. Though He did not cling to his divinity, as St Paul tells us, he remained in union with the Father and the Spirit. As God, Jesus was equal to Father and Spirit. As Man, he chose to be dependent upon them. Existing before time, he lived in time. Though he was led by the Holy Spirit, he experienced the emotions and pains of his human nature. He was like us in all things except sin.


Only a person of faith can embrace this mystery of God. Without faith, it is foolishness. With St. Thomas we profess: “My Lord and my God”! 

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