Thought of the Day September 11, 2020 Love does not oblige

By 10:42 AM

There are other reasons why we sometimes find it hard to receive love from another. One reason is that we question the other person's motive. What's the catch, we ask ourselves? Can a person, who has been loved, not be free to love without any ulterior motives?

As a spiritual father, I find this blockage in the beginning of many relationships. People are afraid to trust the genuineness of authentic, Christ-like love. They have been hurt before. What will be different now? Usually, being persistent in acts of love and care eventually opens at least a crack in this armor of resistance.

Another reason may be the fear of being indebted to the other. If I receive something from another, I will be obliged to reciprocate in some way. Such is the thinking of one who is afraid to be loved. But love does not oblige. Love frees. God loves us freely and waits for us to embrace love freely.

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