Thought of the Day September 25, 2020 The spiritual journey

By 10:51 AM

"I must yield myself into His arms. I shall not know very often the way He wishes me to go. It may be only one step at a time, and then darkness again; or I may be taken swiftly and surely and openly along a clear road. That is His business, not mine, only I must be prepared to be able to follow always the meaning of what He wants of me. 

"If I am faithful and loyal and full of trust, things will gradually settle themselves, and I shall at last be able to look back and understand the significance and purpose of many things that at first appeared accidental, and even in opposition to the end I considered God had in view for me.

"It is the divine tenderness stooping to poor muddled humanity and making it transfigured with God's own glory. The advance, then, whether consciously grasped or not, is in due proportion to the purity and fidelity of the soul, purity in its act of cleansing fidelity in its subjection to the promptings of the Holy Spirit" (Fr. Bede Jarrett).

The more I can uproot sin in my life, the more I will be able to attentively respond to the lead of the Holy Spirit. He is the one leading me to a greater intimacy with God. The Spirit knows me as I am and knows the best way to the Father. In the process he cleanses the sinful obstacles that weigh me down and distract me from reaching the heights of life with God. It is not always easy to discern the move of the Spirit nor to always follow the lead of the Spirit. But there is no other way to the Father.

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