Thought of the Day September 18, 2020 Who am I?

By 11:14 AM

 Is our identity in our being or our doing? Many people would answer the latter. But the fact is my fundamental identity is in my being and not in my accomplishments. Who am I? I am a child of God, created in his image, redeemed by the blood of Christ, adopted as a son or daughter, and filled with the Holy Spirit. In all of this, I have accomplished nothing. If I embrace this truth, then whatever I accomplish should flow from this foundation. Whether I accomplish a lot or little, whether I am acclaimed by others or rejected, my identity is still in tact.

On the contrary, when my identity is determined by my doing and accomplishments, then I leave myself controlled by these externals. If I am successful and popular, then I am "fulfilled". But if I am not successful or even unhappy in spite of my accomplishments, then I see myself as a failure. Something remains missing in my life.

My true identity is God-given. I am who I am in the eyes of God, nothing more, nothing less. How I see myself; how others see me; how I think others see me--is not the true me. God sees me as his son or daughter and that is who I truly am. If I accept this mystery, then I can be at peace. But if I do not see myself thus, then my life will be an endless search, leading ultimately nowhere.

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