Thought of the Day August 10, 2021 Being or doing?

By 11:12 AM

Sometimes we spend most of our life doing, accomplishing things, trying to reach that next level of success, rather than being and living in the present moment. In being in the present moment we can do great things. In doing we may miss the beauty of the present moment, rushing to accomplish the next something.  Because we have been trained to be task oriented, to measure our worth and dignity by our accomplishments, rather than in being fully who we are, beloved sons and daughters of God, we may miss the true treasures before us. Are we afraid just to be, lest we miss an important moment of success? God wants us to know that we are valuable because of who we are in his eyes, not so much what we do on our own. He loves us because we are his, created in his own image and likeness and destined to be with him forever in glory. God wants our priority to be found in being who we really are so that our doing flows from this reality. 


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