Thought of the Day August 26, 2021 Natural talents and spiritual gifts

By 10:49 AM

There is a major difference between natural talents and spiritual gifts. We all have different natural talents. These natural talents come from God. We are to use them for our good and the glory of God. But how aware are we of the spiritual gifts God also gives us, who are baptized and confirmed? We have many more spiritual gifts than natural talents. Where natural talents are celebrated by others, our spiritual gifts are not. But these latter are probably less used than the former. These gifts are like buried treasure. We have been given the gift of the Spirit in Baptism. With this gift from God comes all the gifts of the Spirit for our growth in holiness and for our service of others. As we develop our natural talents, so we are called to develop our spiritual gifts. But first, we need to identify these gifts, learn about them, exercise them under the lead of the Holy Spirit, so that these gifts, along with our talents, can give God the glory that is his. What are  your natural talents? Celebrate them. What are the spiritual gifts that you are open to use as the Spirit leads? Glorify God through them.

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