Thought of the Day August 17, 2021 No justice without forgiveness

By 10:49 AM

Pope St. John Paul II: " There is no peace without justice and no justice without forgiveness.”

When someone wrongs us, we want justice. When we wrong others, we want mercy and forgiveness. Are we not living a double standard in our life? When it comes to us, we want (and maybe feel deserving of) forgiveness not justice. But when it comes to others, we demand (as if we have any right to demand before God) justice and retribution. Because we have sinned liked all others, we deserve the wrath of God, his condemnation. But that is not how God will's to treat us. Jesus is the living pattern of God's forgiveness and mercy. Through his death and resurrection we have been given the grace of reconciliation and restoration. He expects us to learn from him how we are to treat others. "The measure you measure to others will be the measure by which you will be measured."

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