Thought of the Day August 19, 2021 Unforgiveness jeopardizes our relationship with God

By 10:08 AM

Forgiveness of another is not natural to us as human beings. We are able to forgive only by the grace of the Lord and by imitating the example of the Jesus in his humanity, as he dealt with those who eventually crucified him. How do we deal with the hurts from others, which inevitably happens to everyone? We don't start with ourselves, but with bringing the hurt to God in prayer. It is only from God do we receive the grace to forgive another. We not only tell the Lord what another did, but we also acknowledge our negative, non-loving  response. We didn't turn the other cheek but struck back with anger in our heart. Instead of dealing with the person directly, deal with the problem. We cannot change the past, but we can release the past into the hands of God, including our anger and unforgiveness up to this point. The focus is not our relationship with the other person but our relationship with God. Will we continue to allow, what another did to us, jeopardize our relationship with God? Lord, have mercy on me and on the other.


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