Thought of the Day October 18, 2021 True sanctity

By 10:20 AM

"Being in the world without being of the world." These words summarize well the way Jesus speaks of the spiritual life. While being in this world for the time God has for us, we are called to focus on our relationship with God primarily. While being in the world with all its experiences, we try to see things through the perspective of God. We begin to realize that present things have limited value. We desire to focus on those things which have eternal value. We realize that in the end the only things that will matter is the love in which we chose to do what we did. To grow in the spiritual life is to grow in doing more out of true love. It is not a matter of what the other does or does not do, but what we do and how we do it.  Simply put, the spiritual life is being in love with and doing all out of love for God. This was the true way of all the saints. This is the only way to sanctity.

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