Thought of the Day October 6, 2021 To be who we are in the eyes of God

By 10:45 AM

Many of us live in a state of fear and, at the same time, in a desire to be fully loved. We are afraid that if people really knew our past, our present struggles, our fears and weaknesses, they would reject us, not love us. At the same time there is a deeper, innate longing to be fully loved and accepted. One of our problems may be a lack of authentic self love.  We fail to remember that our being is more important than our doing. What we have done in the past does not determine who we are in the present moment.

The constant message of God in the scriptures is "Do not be afraid. I am with you. I love you." We can't fully comprehend or accept the truth of this reality. And yet, who fully knows us, if not God? He knows every thought, word and deed of our life. He knows our bondage. He has come to set us free. He accepts and loves us and invites us to learn how to do the same in relationship to him. Someone has said: "What a joy to be fully known and fully loved at the same time! It is the joy of belonging through Jesus to God and being fully safe and fully free." This grace is available to each of us to embrace so that we can become the person God sees us to be.

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