Thought of the Day October 5, 2021 First and second love

By 10:06 AM

We are the beneficiaries of two basic loves  in our lives. God loves us first, unconditionally and for ourselves. His love is what will bring us perfection and true happiness. We are loved secondly by others. But for the most this second love comes from people, like ourselves, who are broken. As our love is not perfect and is limited in many ways, so we may experience this second love. And sometimes, unfortunately, we see God's love through the lens of the broken loves of others. But God's consistent love is not blocked by our fears and hurts, our non trust and cautiousness towards him. For God knows that his perfect love is the only thing that will make a difference in our broken lives. His love is not theoretical but in the flesh. He shows it in action. Not only did he create us in his own image and likeness and sustains us in existence, but he took flesh to be one with us. He showed his love through his death on the cross for our salvation. He showed his love in action by adopting us as his sons and daughters, sharing in  his own divine life. He manifests his love in the daily graces he pours upon us to help us on our journey to him. As he waits for our response, he continues to love us, for he sees his reflection in us, even dimly.

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