Thought of the Day October 19, 2021 The more important life.

By 9:54 AM

Life is a precious gift that we can take for granted. It is here today and can be gone today. Life is given to us to be grateful to God for his creative love. But this gift of earthly life is a prelude to the gift of eternal life with God. As we don't deserve the gift of physical life, we definitely do not deserve the gift of eternal life. How well do we take care of our physical life? How well do we take care of the gift of eternal life, given to us in Baptism and nourished in the Eucharist? We will lose our physical life one day. Death is inevitable. But if we lose our shared life with God, then our death will be eternally alienated from God, the beginning and end of our happiness and fulfillment. Then our physical existence will have been for naught. Thank God for both gifts of life, but be more solicitous of the greater life.

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