Thought of the Day November 27, 2023 Choose

By 11:04 AM

 "A fish that is alive swims against the flow of water. One that is dead floats down with the water. A true Christian goes against the current of sinful age. A false one is swept away by its swiftness." St. Philaret of Moscow

Jesus said that either we are with him or against  him. There is no middle ground. Either we put our faith and trust in him and his word or we put our faith and trust in something other. Many people over the centuries have given their lives rather than compromise their faith. They may not be remembered on earth today, but they are honored and remembered in eternity, where it counts. It is not easy to go against the current of today's culture. In fact, it is very risky. But the consequences are eternal. Like Joshua, we need to proclaim without qualification: "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Let your faith be a light dispelling the darkness.

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