Thought of the Day August 2, 2016

By 1:12 PM

"When we work hard, we must eat well. What a joy, that you can receive Holy Communion often! It’s our life and support in this life — Receive Communion often, and Jesus will change you into himself." (St. Peter Julian Eymard) Do we approach the Eucharist with these sentiments? Do we recognize in faith that as we need natural food to sustain our human life, we need the spiritual food of the Body and Blood of Jesus to sustain our spiritual life? So often we may receive this great gift of Divine love with some indifference or lack of conscious awareness of the grace of the moment. Our infinite God humbles himself to become food for us so that he may transform us more into his image and likeness. In this intimacy of love we become one in time with God in a real but mystical way, anticipating and reflecting the eternal union of love with God forever. Our full understanding of this mystery will only be clear in eternity.

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